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Creating Your Own Emergency Food Supply

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Creating an emergency food supplyThe first thing you will need to think about when creating an Emergency Food Supply is what your requirements will be in the long run. Are you creating a supply for a week hiking in the mountains or are you trying to prepare a method of sustaining yourself and your family during a time of need like a natural disaster. You should ask yourself this and many other questions before you begin. But once you have established what it is you are trying to achieve where should you go from there?

Taking into account any special dietary requirements that you or any of your family may have you should start building a list of your bare essentials; this will form the basis of your Emergency Food Supply. Secondly try to think about how long you will need your supply to last. From here you can start adding extra items as your space for storage allows to diversify the options you will have available to you through your time off using your supplies to survive.

The options on the market are so broad you can find almost anything you can think of packaged in some way to make it suitable for long term storage. Whether its canned goods, dehydrated ingredients or even complete freeze dried meals. You can find an option to suit any need or budget.

Let us take the hiking option to build a picture. There are certain companies that offer a complete hiking pack that contains three meals per day, a reusable heat source, single serving cooking utensils, a water filter and a small survival kit amongst other things. It is everything you could need for a 2 week journey all wrapped into one. For the natural disaster side of things you can buy a complete family survival box with food and hydration requirements to last you up to a year and beyond. As one would assume the costs of buying a complete kit would probably work out a touch more expensive than simply selecting the items you require and buying them individually and you also run less of a risk of a product you would never use taking up valuable space.

An Emergency Food Supply should be used for just that, an emergency. Though you may be able to incorporate one into your day to day lives using your pantry for example, to store more dry goods than usual, with using this method you could run the risk of getting caught short should you decide to use more than you have set aside and a disaster strikes. Proper control and maintenance of your emergency supply should be something that you start with straight away. Take the time to check your stock a few times a year to make sure everything is still usable and the packaging is in good condition. By following a simple routine you should be prepared for almost all eventualities. It’s a scenario we never want to face in our lifetime but one that all should endeavor to be prepared for.

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