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Emergency Food: What, Why and How?

Over the past years, people from all over the world have already suffered from a natural disaster, and still the majority of people may not be completely prepared for one if it strikes their community.. One way or another, different types of natural calamities strike various sections of the world, and unfortunately, not all individuals have their first aid kit or emergency food ready and their survival kits prepared. We cannot control or read Mother Nature’s mind, this is why it is essential for everyone to be aware of the different disaster preparedness plans, as well as be able to know basic things to do during any particular emergency situation.

When It Comes To Emergency Food...

It is better to store for a minimum of 6 months worth – a family that packs more food is a lot better (wiser too) and they are more prepared than the ones who do not get prepare during these emergency situations. Without preparation, it is quite impossible for someone to survive during the said calamities. Getting to know why it is necessary to store emergency food, and a lot of individuals should have already understood what emergency food is all about by now, let us now proceed with “how” to layout an emergency preparedness plan.

Disaster or Emergency Food Preparedness Plan

Understanding the “why’s” and the “what’s” regarding emergency and natural disasters is easy – but when it comes to the actual emergency preparedness plan, this is where a lot of individuals have difficulties. For sure, you may have heard about people’s stories on how they were able to survive during an emergency – how were they able to do it? Where should we start, and what are the specific food groups that we have to store? Honestly speaking, there are heaps of ways on how people can survive during these difficult situations. The problem is, not enough information is being spread out to individuals all over the world. If you are reading this, you are probably concerned about your family’s emergency preparedness. Continue reading all throughout the article and you’ll eventually know the most important things that you need to have in your food storage shelves or food storage containers.

Your Choice of Food and Storage

During these times, do not expect that you can eat fresh-tasting fruits any time. Whether you like it or not, emergency food contains dried products and / or frozen ones. This is because these types of foods have a long storage life, and you won’t have problems with spoils. Some people say that canned foods are okay – a couple of these products won’t hurt, but it is a lot better if you stick with freeze dried foods.

Your selection of ingredients may greatly vary, depending on which country you are from, but most preferably, go with dried products made up of: meat particularly beef, dried vegetables and fruits, dehydrated food products, freeze-dried ground pork, diced chicken, and other types of freeze-dried food makes a wonderful addition to your emergency storage stash. Your local grocery store may have all of these things – just make sure that your choice of food contains enough nutrition while you are trying to survive the calamity.

Emergency Survival Kits

Your survival kit may include but not limited to these items:

First Aid Kit

Your first aid kit must contain medications (paracetamol, antibiotics, ibuprofen, laxatives and other medicines) which are necessary in your emergency kit. You must also have a pair of sterilized scissors, needle, sterilized gauze pads, antiseptics, cleansing agents or soap, hygienic kit, latex or sterilized gloves, sterile containers, sterile cap, sterile mask and many others.

Spare Batteries

These spare batteries may come in handy, since most of your gadgets must be battery operated, and you never know how long the emergency situation will last.

Radio-operated battery

Being able to hear the latest news about the natural disaster is a great advantage. Be sure to have a battery operated radio every time you prepare your survival kit.


Expect power outages in your area. Part of your emergency preparedness plan must contain flashlight(s) and even candles which you can use during the evening.

Bags and Buckets

There are instances that you need these bags and buckets for additional storage purposes. On the other hand, you may be required to leave your own home for safety measures; hence, these bags and buckets will also play a very essential role and help you alive during an emergency situation.

Food Storage Containers

When choosing food storage containers, only go for the ones that prevent spoiling and those that can preserve the emergency food that you have prepared. There are certain stores offering food storage containers that are practically meant for an emergency situation – make sure that you choose ones that will perfectly fit your food storage shelves.

Water Storage

In addition to your food storage, water should not be left behind. When you and your family are planning in case of emergencies, do not forget to add water to your storage supplies. This is one of the most important things that you need to have in order to survive during an emergency situation, and it is quite impossible for you to do so if you do not have water stored.
An emergency preparedness plan, along with your emergency food will help you survive during natural disasters. They are not so hard to follow after all, are they?

Having the right emergency food supply is a much better choice than MREs.

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